5 Types of Food to Avoid during Pregnancy

It is normal for pregnant mothers to gain weight during their 9 months. It depends on them that how much healthy they eat and keep themselves fit. Pregnancy is the most sensitive time of the year for women, as she goes through a lot of problems, mood swings. To keep up with all these issues it is very necessary to have a healthy diet and also it is very important to avoid few things which are mentioned below:

  1. Raw Fish – It can cause several infections. Some infections effects the mother by making her dehydrated and weak and some infections pass on to baby also. Pregnant women’s are more likely to be infected by Listeria than general public. Therefore they are advised not to eat rawfish and shellfish, which includes some sushi dishes also.

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  1. Caffeine – Pregnant women’s are advised to limit their consumption of coffee to 2 or 3 cups per day. It absorbs very quickly and passes to fetus and placenta, and the result of which can be underweight babies. Caffeine limits the fatal growth.
  2. Alcohol – Expectant mothers are advised to stop consuming alcohol strictly, if they do. Alcohol increases the chance of miscarriage and stillbirth. It can also cause face deformities, heart problems, etc.

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  1. Processed Junk Food – 350 to 500 extra calories are enough per day for the pregnant mothers. Junk foods are low in nutrients and high in fat, calories and sugar. The more sugar can cause the disease like type 2 diabetes and heart diseases. This causes long term health issues.
  2. Unpasteurized Milk, Cheese and Fruit juice – Cheese and unpasteurized milk contains harmful bacteria’s. The infections from these products can cause life taking consequences for the baby. To minimize the danger only have pasteurized milk, cheese and fruit juice.

Proper food hygiene is always recommended during pregnancy. It is not always possible to have pure and natural food from the market, but at least try to avoid the above mentioned foods. Some few healthy habits will keep you and your baby safe from dangers. So keep eating healthy and be happy. Love yourself more than only you can keep yourself fit.