How To Quit Smoking ?

Smoking tobacco is a physical habit and psychological addiction. The nicotine from the cigarettes creates gives a moment of temporary high to individuals who are regular users. When a person becomes a consumer for a longer period of time they usually get addicted often it results in physical withdrawal and craving. Cigarettes are used as a coping tool to overcome stress, anxiety and depression because it gives a good feeling and to boost your mood. Smoking might become a daily ritual without your conscious, such as smoking during your office breaks, smoking up before going to bed, smoking with friends when hanging out. If you are deciding to quit smoking then you should go ahead. These are a few steps on how to quit smoking.

# Trigger Factors

Smoking can be triggered by different factors such as stress, anxiety or any emotional trauma. Find out the reason what triggers smoking and work towards it. If you are able to know what trigger you then it will be helpful in quitting it. In addition you would be able to solve any deep lying emotional issues and lead a happy and pleasant life.

# Engage In Physical Activities

If you engage in physical activities it will be helpful in quitting smoking, because your mind will be focused to other things. It will build mental toughness and give the opportunity to socialize with people. Moreover, it will help you to build confidence and teamwork if you engage in team sports or games.

# Reward Yourself

You should probably think about reward yourself when you successfully quit smoking. In this way, you will stay on track. You will always remember the grand reward you have kept it for yourself when you want to smoke. Also engaging in no smoking can help to meet likeminded people.

# Think Why You Started

It’s easy to start things but it’s hard to finish because we lose our track of progress along the way. So it is important to remember why you have started this journey. Sometimes you will be tempted to smoke but mental toughness is what is required.

# Share Your Story

It’s important to share because psychology says that if you declare something you eventually achieve it. Our mind is a magnet that delivers what we desire. Also, it puts the responsibility to fulfill your own goals. Therefore smoking is easy to quit and next time you feel like smoking considers these factors.