Top 5 Health Benefits of Doing Yoga

Having lot of pressure in mind? Stressed out? Feeling irritated? These all problems can be solved quickly from doing yoga. Yoga is something which relaxes your mind as well as the body. Yoga is primarily a spiritual discipline. Yoga is not a system of beliefs. It takes into account the influence on each other of body and mind, and brings them into mutual harmony. In this article, we have listed 5 health benefits from yoga.

  • Improves Flexibility & Strength – The beauty of yoga is that anyone can practice it; you need not to have flexible body. Some poses like plank gives the strength to arms, legs, shoulders and abs. Yoga on daily basis helps to stretch and tone the body muscles. Poses like downward dog or warrior will make you feel the difference in the flexibility of your body.

Young man practicing yoga bending down and arms raised at riverside

  • Weight Loss – No need of doing heavy exercises for losing weight. Yoga is the best and natural way to lose your weight. Normal yoga daily will help to fuel the metabolic system, and will help burn fat. It also restores the hormonal balance, which normalizes the body weight. Daily yoga also improves the mind-body connection, and helps to deal with the emotional breakdowns and decreases the urge for junk foods, to make up your mood.
  • Proper Breathe – Breathing is the important part of every yoga practice.Pranayama tries to slow down the breath and breath fully from pit of stomach to top of the lungs. This will make you relax and feel more confident. It increases the lung capacity and tidal volume. You can relax totally by these methods and improve your mental condition. It is always said to take deep breathes while in stress or nervousness.
  • More Mindful – While doing yoga, the attention is towards thoughts, sensations and emotions for doing a pose. The main aim of mindfulness is to stay happy and focused on the present moment. Mindfulness improves physical and physiological conditions. The stress and anxiety decreases. You can experience more energy, positive vibes and self acceptance with self confidence.

Woman in Anjali Mudra pose

  • Live Longer – Yoga improves mental fitness, improves your heart metabolism, and keeps you happy and all these add years to your life. It is also said that it decreases heart diseases, which means longer lifespan. Some studies have shown that yoga might help delay the process of ageing and protects the caps at end of our chromosomes.

What else will anyone need, to do yoga? All these benefits can be gained by you, just by hitting the yoga mat for few minutes or hours. Yoga has given proven results, and its craze is not only in India but also in foreign countries. People nowadays are getting more health conscious and moving towards adding yoga in their busy schedule. You also start practicing atleast 15 minutes yoga, and see the change in you live.