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Hello friends !

I hope you’re doing well ! It’s been a while since we met for this Fessequilteplait section! Today, I wanted to share with you three Instagram accounts on the Sexo theme that are very nice to follow! Good reading !

Aina-sex therapist

I discovered this account recently and I really like it! Aina is a sex therapist and trained in neuroscience. She talks about love and sexuality with great kindness. It offers content to love and grow in confidence


This Instagram account is mainly dedicated to relaying the podcasts of Camille, a Belgian sexologist. Some podcast themes: “Beyond penetration”, “How to feel connected to the other” or “talking about sexuality in the couple”

A podcast very pleasant to listen to and well produced!


A light account all in illustrations! There are tips and information on sexuality presented in a fun and accessible way!

And on your side, which accounts do you like to follow?!

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