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The month of December has begun and I see endless lists of Christmas gifts springing up on Youtube, on blogs and on Instagram! This inspired me to write this article. How to please your loved ones when you have a small budget or quite simply when you don’t want to consume too much!
Here are some ideas that are really fun and that don’t cost much (or even nothing!)

Offer time

The cheapest and most pleasurable thing is to give time to those you love. For example, you can offer friends who are young parents “vouchers for babysitting”. You can be sure that this gift will be very VERY happy!
You can also share knowledge (learn to cook, play an instrument, etc.) with a loved one, depending on your skills.
This is an opportunity to spend time with what you love while offering them a moment of joy! You can make a nice word to give this gift!

Offer free theater tickets!

On the Billetreduc website, there is an “invitations” tab. Do you know it ? Theater tickets are free. This allows small theaters to get started and new plays to make themselves known! You can therefore reserve two places for you and your best friend and then offer it to her, accompanied by a voucher for an additional restaurant, if you wish!
Remember to play the game, by leaving a note and a review on the site, after the performance, to support the artists 🙂

Offer a delicious meal

Do you like to cook? Why not offer a meal evening to those you love? You can even set a theme to make the moment more joyful and festive! “Good for an oriental dinner” “Good for a vegetarian and super gourmet dinner” “Good for an (almost) gourmet dinner” etc! Be creative! You are going to have a great time!

You can also make delicious homemade Christmas cookies and offer them in a beautiful box!

Offer second-hand clothes

Today, vintage is all the rage and second-hand shopping is well received. They avoid supporting fast fashion, polluting the planet and allow great savings!
Spending time in a thrift store or an Emmaüs store to select a beautiful piece for a loved one has a lot of value! Of course, this implies knowing the person to whom you are giving the gift. But it will allow you to find unique pieces and the intention is much stronger. What do you think ?

Offer a DIY decoration

DIY is Do It Yourself: what we do by hand! Economical, original, unique… There are countless advantages to DIY decoration. On Pinterest you will find hundreds of ideas, made with little things (and often small objects that we already have at home!) Vase, coasters, paper decorations…
Here are my favourites!

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