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For several weeks, I suffered from a problem of insomnia. Every night, I woke up at 4am precisely and it took me forever to fall asleep… When I managed to! Most of the time I stayed awake. I have tested many naturopathic methods to help me solve this problem: meditation, chamomile and hop teas, CBD, St. John’s wort cure to manage stress. I saw an improvement (I went back to sleep) but the problem was not really resolved (I still woke up every night at 4 am!). I was exhausted.

A crossfit friend told me about Neuro-training, practiced by his companion and I immediately made an appointment. I didn’t know, but I’m always curious to discover new alternative medicines.

Using simple and very effective techniques, Neuro-Training allows us to train our Nervous System to recover from the difficulties and wounds of our past, to free ourselves from our conditioning in order to develop our natural ability to express our functionalities in any situation.

Neuro-Training associated with and uses the best modalities and techniques of Advanced KinesiologyOsteopathy, Chiropractic, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Eriksonian Hypnosis Decoding, Nutrition, NLP, Aromatherapy, Frequency Options… to unlock our true potential

I made an appointment with Ludovic Meacci in Vincennes. The session lasts one hour and takes place in a practice (like an osteopathy practice)

After reviewing the motivation for my visit, the practitioner asks me to lie down on the table and begins a muscle test on the wrist. He asks me to say a false sentence “I live in Martinique” and my wrist remains soft. The muscular response does not occur. Then, he asks me to say a true sentence “I live in Vincennes”. My wrist remains toned. It’s amazing. I’m joking. Here we go.

For 45 minutes, the practitioner performs a series of pressures on the wrist.

All our sensations and life experiences add up to our genetic baggage and are imprinted at the cellular level. To “jump” the blockages anchored in the body, Ludovic uses the muscular response on the wrist. When the muscle does not respond, it indicates a blockage. He works on it until the release of cellular memory.

I will not go into the details of what was said during this consultation, but it was incredibly accurate compared to what I have been able to experience in recent months. These ordeals interfered with my sleep. Neuro-training freed me from that.

At the end of the consultation, Ludovic informs me that it takes about 3 weeks, the time for cell renewal, for the treatment to be completely effective.

After the session, I felt drained, like after a big swimming session! I just wanted to sleep for 10 days ^^

My sleep was regulated slowly, in 8 days and since then, I sleep soundly every night! What happiness. I am very happy to have been able to test this practice and I thought that it could certainly interest you!

The contexts of application of Neuro-Training are very varied: physical problems (pain, sleep, stress), emotional disorders, learning and adaptation difficulties, management of the relational and professional context, deprogramming of patterns, addiction treatment…

Have you already tested?

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