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Naturopathy is a holistic alternative medicine that always takes into account the overall lifestyle of an individual. It is the same to fight against dry skin. We act on several axes: food, hydration and beauty routine!


The beauty of the skin depends in part on diet. We preferably choose organic and homemade! Compose your plate with quality lean proteins (poultry, fish, egg, tofu, seitan), starchy foods (potato, sweet potato, buckwheat, quinoa, millet), cooked vegetables, first cold-pressed and organic vegetable oil , seasonal fruits.

Dry skin is also skin that lacks quality lipids. Bet above all on a good intake of omega 3. A supply of quality omega 6 and omega 9 will also be very important.

You will find omega 3 in : linseed oil, rapeseed, oilseeds, chia seeds, or in fatty fish

I also draw your attention to another point. Dairy products are very inflammatory and often responsible for skin problems. Cut them out of your diet for a few days and see the difference! Try replacing milk and yogurts with plant-based versions.


It must be understood that the skin is an emunctory. It is an organ that evacuates waste. It is, in a way, one of the scavengers of our body! When we drink a lot of water, the “Skin” garbage collector is helped by the “Kidney garbage collector” to clean up the waste. Toxins and poisons are drained in the urine and therefore no longer come out in the skin.

So the more we hydrate, the more we limit imperfections and the more we optimize the quality of the skin. ! This is all the more essential for skin prone to dryness. Try to drink 1.5 to 2 liters of water each day.

Little naturo tip: We favor wild pansy herbal teas. Thanks to its aerial part rich in tannins, mucilages, flavonoids and vitamin E, wild pansy is ideal for the health and beauty of the skin.

The beauty routine

After taking care of your skin from the inside, you take care of your skin from the outside. Your beauty routine is very important to fight against skin dryness. I have selected for you some products from the Wake Me brand, 100% natural care. To know your skin type, you can perform an online diagnosis in a few clicks right here!

I recommend that you remove your makeup with natural products such as vegetable oil For example. Wake Me offers an almond pink cleansing oil, which I have been using for several weeks. It is very pleasant to use and leaves the skin very soft. It turns into milk on contact with water to facilitate rinsing without leaving a greasy film. Extremely effective, it even removes waterproof makeup!

In the evening, before sleeping, apply a few drops of organic plum oil from Wake Me to dry skin. It is 100% natural, French and organic. This vegetable oil rich in vitamin E has softening and antioxidant properties, perfect for dry or mature skin. I use it every night because I’m 35 years old (yes ^^) and this treatment allows me to take care of my “mature” skin. I love its smell as much as its effectiveness! It is lipid-replenishing and leaves my skin well hydrated and elastic.

In the morning, apply the universal moisturizing and anti-pollution cream by Wake Me This daily care ensures hydrated and protected skin. The light, mattifying and non-greasy texture. It is formulated without perfume and without allergens and has a subtle scent of bitter almond. It’s very nice.

These products are very effective for dry skin but also for mature skin for an immediate glow effect, smooth, hydrated and instantly plumped skin!

You have -20% on the Wake Me store with the code PAULINE20!

Food, hydration, beauty routine are all solutions that help preserve the beauty of the skin. Feel free to leave me your questions in the comments!

Article written in collaboration with Wake Me

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