4 hacks to free yourself from a sugar craving!


During my naturopathic consultations, I am very often told:

“I’m addicted to sugar, I can’t control myself”

Sugar cravings at the end of the day or in the evening in front of the TV, which end in big cracks on cakes or chocolate bars. Small constant snacks throughout the day “I go into the open space, I have a chocolate, then I go back between two meetings, and it goes on all day”

Here are some natural tips to fight sugar cravings :

The power of cinnamon

A craving, a desire to snack, think of cinnamon! Its appetite suppressant action is very effective, especially in case of sugar cravings.

You can consume it in the form of an infusion or even in essential oil (by placing a drop on a neutral tablet to suck or swallow with a glass of water)

The cardiac coherences

Cardiac coherence is a breathing practice that reduces stress. But it also helps you better control your sugar cravings linked to too many emotions.

For example, you can take 5 minutes twice a day to watch this video:

Chamomile herbal tea

Matricaria chamomile flowers have a beneficial effect on digestive and feminine comfort. They are also good for calming nervousness.

This plant is prepared as an infusion in order to extract as many active ingredients as possible from the flowers. It helps calm nervousness by soothing the body and mind

Bergamot essential oil

This essential oil has a very fresh and revitalizing fragrance that is very interesting when diffused because it helps calm and relax. This will allow you to temporarily calm sugar cravings related to stress or feeling “empty”, boredom.

These few tips are small subterfuges to quickly overcome a craving for sugar. However, if the problem of addiction is not addressed further, the cravings will come back again and again. For this reason, I launched on Le Club, the training “I free myself from sugar”

The “I free myself from sugar” training

In the program :


  • The needs of the organization
  • The role of carbohydrates
  • The different sugars
  • Why cut down on sugar
  • Understanding Blood Sugar
  • The composition of the different meals


  • Understand your emotions to free yourself
  • Where does emotional eating come from?
  • What are the ways out of addiction?
  • My Naturopath Toolbox

As a bonus: A 40-page digital book and a sugar-free and low GI cookbook 🙂

To find out about the training, click here:

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