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A few days ago, I received the perfect advent calendar for this period of energy sobriety: I named the Passage of Desire Deluxe Calendarperfect for warming up couples (and also singles!) Hahaha

There are 24 romantic and naughty surprises: cosmetics and intimate toys but also naughty accessories

  • 7 sex toys including the We Wibe and 1 womanizer!!!
  • 6 cosmetics (natural lubricant type or massage oil)
  • 7 games
  • 4 sensual accessories

For the sum of 189€ you will therefore receive 499€ of products, it’s just crazy! The calendar contains the womanizer (the first sex toy with revolutionary “Pleasure Air” technology. It’s just wonderful ladies, you have to try it!)

Behind each little box, there is also a challenge to be carried out as a couple every day!

Contest finished! The winner is Jessica!

I won’t tell you more, to let you discover all the pretty surprises of the calendar, but I suggest that one of you win 4 boxes of the calendar:

  • Game The Ministry of Couple Chat
  • Mini orange & cinnamon massage candle
  • Game of 9 naughty scratch cards
  • romantic checkbook

If you feel like it, just leave a note in the comments of this article! It’s up to you !

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