6 Signs Your Cat Really Loves You #1

Contrary to popular belief, cats are actually extremely capable of forming strong bonds with their owners. Though cats may show their appreciation differently than dogs (quietly kneading and purring rather than barking and playing fetch) they can still be just as loyal and caring as a canine companion. Additionally, they have their own individual personalities which can create wonderful memories shared only between them and their owners; incidents such as silly playtime rituals or the sort of subtle stare that cats so often give will stick with cat owners forever. All in all, cats may not be known for being the most outgoing companions but that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve as much love, attention, and admiration as any other pet; if you take care of your feline friend, they’ll certainly repay you tenfold.

Cats: Affectionate Lovebugs or Aloof Loners?


calico cats
calico cats

Look at this adorable kitten’s mlem!

Despite their bad reputation as being aloof, cats can be just as loving and affectionate towards their owners as dogs. Sure, cats are more difficult to read than dogs owing to their subtle, but meaningful behavior. Actually if you pay attention, the smell of a cat’s coat, the way they rub against you or a gentle purr, your cat is trying to tell you that he loves you and want to spend time with you. Even playing tag with a human is an intrinsic sign of bonding from cats. So go ahead and make friends with your furry friend and get ready for some unconditional love!

1. She Always Just Happens to Be in the Same Room as You


tortoiseshell cats
tortoiseshell cats
sphynx cats
sphynx cats

Your cat may not be as outwardly affectionate as some other pets, but that doesn’t mean they don’t pay close attention to you and are always keeping their eye on you. Even if they appear to be sound asleep or deeply entrenched in their own solo agenda, cats are always aware of their surroundings and the activity around them. Regardless of the size of the room – no part of it is out of view. With their penchant for observation, your cat can even let you know when something big is going down before you ever become aware of it. It truly is a very special bond that humans share with cats and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly!

Cats have an uncanny ability to know when their owners are around and may tag along even when the owner isn’t paying them any attention.

Perhaps they enjoy simply being in your presence or, in some cases, they want to remind you that it’s feeding time! Whatever the case may be, it is clear cats are loyal companions and desire companionship just as much as humans do. So if your cat follows you around without fail, don’t be surprised if you catch them watching you from the hallway or lurking near the couch while you are busy with something else. After all, who could deny a face like that wanting your attention?

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Cats tend to prefer to be near their favorite people.

Cats, oftentimes known for their aloof nature, are actually quite attached to their favorite people and often prefer to stay close to them. If you have befriended a cat, it is likely that she wants to be near you when she’s ready. Even if she might not be particularly affectionate, her desire to spend time with you shows how much she appreciates your presence. A loving cat will sit near you even if you are far from each other because sometimes that distance makes the bond stronger. Cats, like humans, value quality relationship and love being loved in return. That is why cats tend to prefer being near their favorite people – after all, nothing can beat the cozy feeling of home!

2. She Gives You Kitty Kisses (The “Slow Blink”)

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Slow blinking is a subtle sign of cat love that often gets overlooked if you aren’t looking for it. If you take notice, you’ll see your furry friend leisurely closing and opening her eyes while gazing in your direction. Don’t be fooled though, cats are only likely to display this endearing behavior around those they acknowledge as part of their inner circle of trust – both people and other animals. According to animal experts, this slow eye movement is essentially a ‘kitty kiss’ – demonstrating their fondness for those they care about most.


It’s truly amazing how cats communicate – primarily through body language. A slow blink is exactly what it sounds like, a gentle and peaceful way to tell your pet that you love her. By mimicking her slow blinks in response, you’ll be returning those “kitty kisses” right back! Plus, you’ll build a more meaningful bond with your faithful feline friend. Try it the next time your cat steals your heart with those sleepy-eyed stares!

Cat Says “I Love You” With Slow Blink

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