6 Signs Your Cat Really Loves You #3

5. She Headbutts You

Every cat has a unique personality, which makes it all the more special when they headbutt you. There’s no mistaking it when your beloved pet gives you one of their special headbutts, because they only give these to those they are closest with. It could just be fleeting or it could be an ongoing behavior; either way, being chosen by a cat as someone to give these loving headbutts to is an honor. Remember that a headbutt isn’t just an affectionate gesture; pheromones are also being transferred onto their favourite human – making the bond between cats and people even closer!

adopting a cat
adopting a cat

Headbutting is a special way that cats show us humans affection! While this behavior often gets classified as aggressive, it actually serves to mark their territory. When your cat headbutts you, they are essentially letting other cats know that you’re a part of their property! This can be seen as especially helpful for kitties who are adopted or always around strangers, as this gesture ensures greater security. Furthermore, these gestures of love indicate that your furry friend feels content and safe in your home – a huge sign of affection to any pawrent!

6. She Meows at You

adopt a cat
adopt a cat

Maine Coon cats have exceptionally loud meows! Already known for their size, these gentle giants may also be recognized for their strong vocalizations. With a purr and meow that could rival any rival feline, the Maine Coon demonstrates their strength not only in physicality but also in vocalization.

It almost sounds as if they are carrying on a conversation with whoever is near! Though usually quiet, Maine Coons with use ‘conversations’ to converse with humans, signaling when they want food, want to play or truly just want some love and attention. Since these cats typically inhabit rather large homes or farms, their loud meowing serves well as a way of alerting people or animals of its presence.

It’s no wonder, then, that some mysterious people theorize that cats are purposely meowing in a way to imitate human babies. After centuries of domestication and learning behaviors that gain human approval, it’s possible cats have picked up on the power of a baby’s cry and use recognition of those sounds to elicit similar responses from people. If this is true, we should all take a moment to marvel at the sophistication our feline friends have developed over decades of being part of our lives!

Cats meow differently depending on what they are trying to communicate. A single meow may indicate hunger, or an urgent need for attention, while a series of meows usually means your cat is feeling particularly chatty and wants you to engage in some sort of conversation.

You can respond without any real response or expectation; cats just want to feel heard. Even if you don’t always understand why your cat is vocalizing, simply sitting down and communicating with it can help deepen the bond between you two, as it may be giving you its closest attempt at expressing itself with words like humans do.

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